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Program Curriculum is available now and Good news.

Hello folks, GrowthCoachBaku program is getting closer. As promised the program curriculum is now available in the website. You will find details of topics that will be covered during the sessions. There are also

GrowthCoachBaku in today’s news headlines

As the program curriculum of GrowthCoachBaku got released recently the program gets attention by public once more. This time one of the most popular technology

GrowthCoachBaku goes viral on media?!

Telebedunyasi.az also finds the GrowthCoachBaku Program an interesting initiative for Azerbaijani youth and features the program on today’s [15th August] news.Online applications to the program started to increase as more audiencesget informed

Local online ICT newspaper featured GrowthCoachBaku

GrowthCoachBaku program took attention of local online ICT newspaper, Xeberler.az and got featured by the newspaper to spread the news. As the program purely

What former CEO of Kaspersky Lab says about BeBonobo?

Did you know that Co-founder & ex-CEO of Kaspersky Lab, Natalya Kaspersky chose BeBonobo as one of her top five favorite startups?! Here is what she said about