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Startups of Innovation Academy program pitched in Final Pitch Day

Our startups from Innovation Academy program pitched their products to judges on 23rd December, 2016 in Final Pitch Day after 15 weeks of hardwork. In very short span of time young entrepreneurs learnt modern methods and key tools of building a startup and practically used these knowledge to build their own startups. As a result, the…
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GrowthCoachBaku Kicked Off!

Social Innovation Lab kicked off the long waited GrowthCoachBaku startup coaching and mentorship program on 8th October, Saturday. The program takes place in QUTechnopark every Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

GrowthCoachBaku on Events.az

“Events Azərbaijan”, one of the largest marketing and PR agency for events in Azerbaijan featured GrowthCoachBaku on their events platform event.az. Event.az is

Program Curriculum is available now and Good news.

Hello folks, GrowthCoachBaku program is getting closer. As promised the program curriculum is now available in the website. You will find details of topics that will be covered during the sessions. There are also

GrowthCoachBaku in today’s news headlines

As the program curriculum of GrowthCoachBaku got released recently the program gets attention by public once more. This time one of the most popular technology