Ahmad Rajabli 27B, Uber Plaza, Baku, Azerbaijan

Fuckup Nights

Path to Global Startup Community

Social Innovation Lab organizes Fuckup Nights in Baku on regular basis at Social Innovation Lab.

The first FuckUp Night happened in Mexico City in 2012. Since then we gather every month to listen to three entrepreneurial stories about failure.

The concept came out of a talk between five friends who were convinced that the stigma surrounding “failure” should be removed: failure is normal from time to time; nobody is successful always. Even the most admired men and women failed several times before achieving success. Yet those stories are never published
in books or magazines, or exposed in forums.

Get ready to have some FUN as stories of failed business and projects are told, questioned and celebrated! Get ready to #sharethefailure! Get ready to be inspired!

– Entrepreneurs, soon-to-be “fuckupreneurs” and others gather to listen to three or four stories about failure.
– People will drink something
– It is something between a party and a casual business conference.
– We will break free from the stigmas surrounding failure and to see it as a positive step everyone must overcome on the road to success.
– Doors at 6pm; 7pm start


To be announced

/// THE ARTIST ///

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Fuckup Nights, a global movement taking place in 200 cities and 67 countries (and counting).

Book your seats at https://goo.gl/forms/cYxq4UdodRwGyagL2