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Prof. Patricia H. Lee from Saint Louis University at Sil

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Prof. Patricia H. Lee from Saint Louis University at Sil

We keep educating aspiring entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan!

On 11th January we hosted a session on Intellectual Property, Incorporation (company registration), Tax for Startups, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs delivered by Prof. Patricia H. Lee!

Prof. Patricia H. Lee, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Initiatives at Saint Louis University, talked about the best practices of small business development, legal issues of starting a business, pros and cons of different legal entities when incorporating a company, intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademarks and etc) matters.

Prof. Ms. Patricia H. Lee’s visit is within the Max Alumni Speaker Program with the support of the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

Additionally, the same topics were explained in local context by the lawyers from BHM Baku Law Centre. Following topics were mentioned in local context:
– Recent changes to the Tax Code on tax incentives for micro businesses and startups,
– Criteria defining micro businesses and startups,
– Limitations to be simplified tax payer, VAT refund for consumers etc.

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