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Program Curriculum is available now and Good news.

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Program Curriculum is available now and Good news.

Hello folks, GrowthCoachBaku program is getting closer. As promised the program curriculum is now available in the website. You will find details of topics that will be covered during the sessions. There are also practical sessions in GrowthCoachBaku Program where we will work on your ideas/startups specifically to help better understand essential startup development tools and apply them to your own startup right away.

Good News is that I am flying to Azerbaijan end of August and there is very high possibility that we will conduct the sessions in an interactive physical auditorium either in ADA University or another venue in Baku.

Now, please read the program curriculum carefully and contact me if you need any advice. We have also created a closed facebook group for GrowthCoachBaku applicants and participants for networking and knowledge sharing purposes. Please, open the group here and send request to join.

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