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Path to Global Startup Community


Ideation Bootcamps

(1 - 3 days)

best for NGOs, universities, innovation centers, tech parks and city municipalities

Ideation Bootcamp series on different themes (social enterprise, cleantech, agribusiness) are designed to discover talented founders and solve emerging issues. The startups born out of the Bootcamps are then to go into more intensive and longer programs as the next stage of their development. More info here.


Innovation Academy

(5 to 10 weeks)

best for universities, NGOs, corporate and city municipalities

The participating startups go through series of hands-on workshops to achieve problem/solution fit and product/market fit. The main focus of the program is to get the startup built the initial version of their products and test it in the market. More info here.


Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers

(2 or 3 days)

best for individuals, heads of innovation departments, key employees of innovation centers, incubators and accelerators

Entrepreneurship Training of Trainer course is precisely designed to equip participants with up-to-date tools and methodologies to master entrepreneurship education and to become a Certified Innovation Coach. More info here.


Innovation Incubator / Accelerator

(3 - 6 months)

best for universities, institutions, corporate and government agencies

We provide setting up and running your own innovation incubator or accelerator program that focuses on product refinement and user acquisition to support startups on building a strong traction of sales and revenue generation in 3 to 6 months. More info here.


Courses (5 Essential)

(5 modules each 3 hours)

best for universities, institutions, corporate and government agencies

Our courses includes the five essential modules in entrepreneurship including Business Model Generation, Market Research for Startups, Marketing & Growth Tools for Startups, Financials for Startups and lastly Perfect Pitch Development and Storytelling.

These five modules will provide strong foundation and equip the participants with necessary tools to use in their entrepreneurial journey to achieve a better product market fit and growth over the time. More info here.