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Entrepreneurship Training of Trainers

Path to Global Startup Community

Course description:

Having a new, valuable and practical idea with a creative mind does not lead to entrepreneurial behavior. In addition to those, a step by step process should be trained by an expert entrepreneurship trainers in order to easily, effectively and quickly bring the ideas to economic and/or social value. Therefore, existence of experienced entrepreneurship trainers, that have personally experienced the entrepreneurship process from Image to Income, in addition to theoretical entrepreneurship knowledge and tacit knowledge, is essential.

Entrepreneurship Training of Trainer course is precisely designed to equip participants with up-to-date tools and methodologies to master entrepreneurship education. The course is a fast-paced mix of presentations, open discussions, case studies, independent work and group work activities.

 The objectives of the course:

  • To equip you with the most up-to-date training tools, materials and methodologies to become a Certified Startup Coach & Business Advisor and get a license to use Social Innovation Lab's and other globally used tools with your future corporate clients or in any training sessions.  
  • To train you on how to use the Training Toolbox with very different corporate clients or individual entrepreneurs and mix the tools with existing best tools like Business Model Canvas and more.
  • To become a member of Social Innovation Lab's trainers team and have training opportunities in our global, regional and local program like ClimateLaunchpadVentureBattleIdeation LabBootcamps and more.

Participants' qualifications:

The participants at the Certification Courses are mostly business advisors, incubator managers and entrepreneurship educators. You can be an independent trainer in any field and still develop yourself in the field of entrepreneurship as a professional trainers. 

  • Prior involvement in any kind of program/event in the field of Entrepreneurship
  • At least Bachelor degree
  • At least 3 years of working experience in any field
  • At least 25 years of old and above
  • Public speaking and self learning skills
  • Teaching experience in any field to any group
  • Should have established at least one initiative, business or organization

The instructor will be Social Innovation Lab's founder and Executive Director Jasur Hasanov, who is a Practicing Entrepreneur, Marketer, Social Innovator and trained Startup Coach & Business Advisor. He's behind many successful initiatives in the field of Entrepreneurship in and outside the country. You can read more about Jasur here.

In some occasion the training will be conducted by Jasur and assisting team together if the audience is large.

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Before arrival:

Before the arrival, we recommend all participants of the program to think about a business case, a startup idea or an opportunity in the market that they would like to work on during the workshop sessions of the training when practicing the learnt tools.


We also advise our trainees to take some time and think about their expectations from the program or any "burning questions" that they would like to find answer in the field of Entrepreneurship. These questions will be discussed during the workshop sessions. 

Things to bring:

During the workshop the participants will be required to work on training tools and do some online research on given topics. The reason being that all participants must bring a laptop to the workshop so they can experience bootcamp tension and work on the materials and tools during the course. 


Agenda of the Certification Program:

The main technique used in the training is the Socratic Questioning Technique that is one of the most efficient and engaging methods in any type of learning process. The main methodology is the most up-to-date approach, the Lean Startup methodology which is widely used for developing new businesses or products, which aims to shorten product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative product releases, and validated learning.

Course Day-1

8:30 – Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:00 – Ice breaking activities & Warmup

9:30 – Welcome & Introduction: Innovation & Social Innovation and Developing Startup Ideas

10:15 – Design Thinking process in Innovation (by Stanford d.School)

10:30 –  Participants will work in groups on a self selected case

10:45 – Coffee break & Networking

11:00 – Design Thinking workshop (practice session)


12:00 – Lunch break & Networking


13:00 – Value Proposition Canvas

13:30 – Value Proposition Canvas workshop (practice session)

14:15 – Coffee break & Networking

14:30 – WWH of the Business Model Canvas

15:00 – GrowthWheel 360° Screening & Marketing Mix tools

15:30 – Business Model Canvas workshop (practice session)

17:00 – Coffee break & Networking

17:15 – How to develop the “Perfect Idea Pitch”?

17:45 – Reflection and tasks for the Day 2


18:00 – End of Day-1


Course Day-2

9:00 – Registration, Breakfast & Networking

9:30 – Ice breaking activities & Warmup/

  • Recap of Day 1 & Reflection and Discussion

10:00 – Pitch Deck Development & Review (practice session)

12:00 – Market Research Methodology for startup

  • research design/Data collection methodology

12:30 – Problem Discovery/Validation questions (practice session)


13:00 – Lunch break & Networking


14:00 – Financial Forecasting for Startups

14:30 – Financial Forecasting for Startups (practice session)

15:15 – Coffee break & Networking

15:30 – Pitch Deck Development & Review (practice session)

17:00 – Pitches of the Business Cases

18:00 – Reflection and tasks to followup


18:30 – Certification and Licence agreement / The end of course!

If you have any questions about the Certification Course please contact us at hi@sil.vc.