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Innovation Academy

Path to Global Startup Community

What is Innovation Academy?

The Innovation Academy is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and realize their ideas. The program is a 45 hours programme with 10 different sessions. Aspiring/Existing entrepreneurs run through a series of intensive workshops and practical training sessions in order to transform ideas into scalable, impactful and structured actions.

What is the objective of the Innovation Academy?

The objective of the program is to build capabilities, connections and skills to help aspiring entrepreneurs create communal impact while generating business revenues in order to ultimately become self-sustainable.

Who is the program for?
  • Aspiring/existing entrepreneurs / high school or students / graduates
  • Age between 16 – 25
  • With a startup or an idea:
    • Idea stage
    • MVP stage
How the participants are chosen?

Participants are chosen based on their current stage and needs for the next 3-6 months. That means, not necessarily the best applicants are chosen, but the applicants with relevant needs to the scope of this program are chosen based on their growth potential and capability. You are encouraged to apply, if you are really keen to join and learn from the program but you don not have an idea or startup, yet. Mention your interest as it is, in the online application form.

What participants gain from the Innovation Academy?

Through Innovation Academy participants learn how to turn an idea into a real business. The program includes modern tools and techniques that are essential in startup development and have been used by majority of successful startups. Participants practically use these tools and techniques to develop their startup ideas throughout the program. More information can be found in the program curriculum.

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