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Startups in Azerbaijan: Top 37 Apps and Websites To Watch in 2020 during Coronavirus Outbreak

During the coronavirus outbreak, you can use these platforms to eat, entertain, work and learn from home.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed that people have become engaged in startups more than ever in Azerbaijan. The number of startups has increased so that we hardly track their progress. 

Wait a minute… There is a coronavirus epidemic.

For several weeks we have been experiencing our restricted living. It seems hard to catch up on our everyday routine while staying home. We need to cope with those boring, even anxious days while trying to do everyday activities like we used to do. 

We don’t know how long quarantine days will last. What we know is to take advantage of those days to work on self-improvement, engage in productive activities, and manage our work online.

If we come back to our topic, we have good news. 

We at Sil. have spent days of research and brought together the list of top 37 startups and platforms in 2020 that help people in Azerbaijan in these difficult days of lockdown.  

To facilitate your outside work and activities, we have enlisted the top 37 websites and applications (+27 honorable mentions) that will help you cope with quarantine challenges. We assure you that you will be happy to use our list after the lockdown period as well. 

Reserve your 11 minutes, and let’s take a look at our list.

Stay tuned! 


All educational institutions – universities, colleges, and schools are shut down right now due to the coronavirus epidemic. We have found several websites where you can still get education, attend and take online courses and exams without having to leave home. Don’t forget that there might be no such time again when you sit home comfortably and learn things that you have always wanted but never had time. Use your time wisely!

1.  Video.edu.az 

This online platform provides schoolchildren to catch up with their school lessons. Even before the pandemic, this platform was created to help children learn or revise the school subject. The platform is free and open to everyone.


  • Free resources
  • School lessons – video recordings
  • Sorting by the subject and class


2.  Tandl

Tandl gives people an opportunity to take not only school subjects, but also other courses like IELTS, SAT, and alike. All the courses are paid, and the costs depend on each instructor. Besides, you can also register as an instructor to teach online lessons to earn extra cash on quarantine days. 

  • Teaching and learning online
  • Variety of language courses 
  • School subjects 
  • Courses for entry-level job applications (Excel, Advanced English)


3.  Innab

If you are not a school student, you may need to take online courses for self-improvement for further professional life. Innab’s services include online training, knowledgebase, certification exams, and more. From IT sectors to Business and MS office, Innab offers online video courses that will improve one for building a career path.


  • Career development and language courses
  • Certification exams 
  • Online payment is available

Alternatives: e-learn, TapÖyrən, e-resurs


Food Delivery 

We are away from our favorite food spots. Fortunately, the following food delivery platforms will deliver your favorite meals at your doors.


4.  Wolt

Wolt is one of the best-known food delivery applications in Azerbaijan. All you need to do is just download the Wolt app, register and earn 6 AZN credit, and order your first meal! There is more, you refer the Wolt to a friend and earn another 6 azn credit! Awesome, isn’t it? Pick your favorite restaurant and meal, let Wolt deliver at your doors. 


  • Wide range of restaurants
  • Bonus head start (6 AZN)
  • Earning credits when referring to a friend
  • New update: delivery without contact


5.  Viva Dessert

You might feel a bit depressed on the quarantine days. Why not go out of your diet and eat sweets to feel better? Download the Viva Dessert app, choose your favorite dessert, and wait for free delivery!

  • Free delivery within Baku
  • Exact products from land-based stores
  • Available on App Store and Play Store


6.  Hungry.az

Whenever you get hungry, you can use Hungry.az to order your desired meals from favorite restaurants and supermarkets. Also, you can check the average delivery time for each food spot.


  • Track your order
  • Wide range of restaurants and supermarkets
  • Available on Play Store and App Store


7.  Nuush.az

Nuush.az is a food pick up service that brings your favorite meals from cafes and restaurants to your doorsteps. What we like about them is that they offer delivery from supermarkets as well. 


  • Showing restaurants by location
  • Filtering Europe, Asian, Turkish, and national kitchen
  • Delivery from supermarkets
  • Offering delivery time choices

Alternatively you can consider FoodOrder, Acqalma.az, Metbexler.az, and NyamNyam.az. NyamNyam.az isn’t a pick up service, but you can search nearby food spots that offer home delivery.  


Grocery Delivery

You might already know that eating vegetables boosts the immune system. So, while staying at home, you might want to eat whole food to fight with coronavirus. In this section, we gathered the best grocery delivery services in Azerbaijan. 


8.  Kənddən Şəhərə

Have you ever felt fed up by processed and fast food? Maybe, you can take advantage of closed fast-food restaurants and begin making your own meals from fresh vegetables. Take a look at Kənddən Şəhərə; you can purchase organic foods – from nuts to dairy products.

  • Free delivery over 20 AZN
  • Payment methods: Cash on delivery or online
  • Variety of goods: from vegetables to seafood.


9.  Mr.Bee

Did you know that a mixture of honey and lemon boost your metabolism, and most importantly, the immune system? You can make online purchases from Mr.Bee to benefit from honey products. 


  • Honey and honey mixture products 
  • Beekeeping products
  • Free delivery within Baku
  • 10-50% discounts and cashback
  • Available on Play Store and App Store
  • Live chat for instant help


10.  Aqrar.az

This platform offers you not only buying grocery products, but also seeds, trees, fertilizers, and even tools and equipment to help you produce your own organic foods – even small business, huh? 


  • Agricultural products
  • Diary products
  • Sales of modern farm equipment and fields (seeds, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Breeding animals and veterinary care solutions

Alternatives: Bazardan, Neptun.


11.  Baliqal.az

Did you know that fishes are rich in vitamin D and B2, calcium and phosphorus, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and so forth! Baliqal.az offers you a vast variety of seafood in any kind to enhance your health. 


  • Healthy fast food: “fish and bread”
  • More than 200 kinds of seafood
  • Order online and via WhatsApp


Online Shopping Platforms

Online shopping websites and apps allow you to purchase your needs while staying at home. We found wide range of useful apps and websites that will be a great deal to help you #stayathome safely. 

12.  Nom 

Naxçıvan Onlayn Market is the first online shopping platform in Nakhchivan. 


  • Food products
  • Tracking the delivery
  • Delivery within 10 minutes 24/7
  • Online payment


13.  Neomart.az

Neomart is an online megastore, and offers hundreds of food and non-food products. You can find any product easily by categories.


  • Food products
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Non-food products
  • Pet food
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Discounts and offers


14.  Bart.az

It offers sales of new goods alongside second-hand. You can barter, sell, and buy on this platform.


  • Barter, sell, and purchase
  • Categories include real estate, business, automobile, etc.
  • VIP offers are available
  • Download on Play Store

Alternative: VERGUL.az – you can buy a new or second-hand product, and if you don’t like it, you can return the product. It is available on the Play Store as well. 


15.  Ali & Nino

Do you know what is good about home isolation? Reading books! Ali Nino has thousands of books from Azerbaijan, Russian, Turkish, and other literature to offer bookworms. 


  • Books in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English
  • Stationery
  • Toys and Games, Gifts, 
  • Music
  • Electronics

Alternatively, you can look for Kitab Evi. They have very low delivery costs starting at 1 AZN, and free delivery over 30 AZN. Kitab Evi even ships to other countries as well. There is also Grafika, offering stationery goods, gifts, electronics, and alike.  


16.  Mestan.az

So parents, stay tuned, in this section, we present you toy stores that will make your quarantined days much easier dealing with kids while keeping them busy. You can buy books, stationery products, toys and games, bags, and more!


  • More than 30 brands in one site
  • Home delivery

You can also consider Supertoys for child products. Additionally, they have mini cars, bicycles, segways – you name it.


17.  Unimall

Unimall is like a land-based shopping mall. It brings you many choices: from furniture to stationery goods!


  • Available on Play Store
  • Hundreds of brands
  • Live chat on the website

Alternatives: sezam.az, usel.az, shop.az, aldim.az


18.  eSport.az

Don’t let the quarantine regime keep you away from exercising! You can find many sports equipment and clothing here. eSport even offers billiard tables! 

  • Sport clothing
  • Popular sport brands
  • Return of the products within 14 days
  • Home delivery
  • Live chat on WhatsApp


19.  Buket.al

It is a special day, and you cannot buy flowers for a loved one due to the quarantine? Don’t freak out, Buket.al will do it for you. Just tell whom you want to buy and the aim (birthday, apology, etc.), let them prepare the coolest bouquet!


  • Free delivery within Baku 
  • Filtering flower and price choices 
  • Live chat for instant help


20.  Omid.az

It is the largest online shopping platform for home equipment, building, and construction materials in our country. 


  • Online and by call purchases
  • Diversity of categories: from wallpapers and paints to small tools and gardening
  • Monitoring its land-based stores’ locations
  • Brings you many brands
  • Product return 


21.  Selhome

Selhome offers home furniture, kitchen and table – cookware, plates, etc., bedroom blanket, and everything about home. Also, they offers products featuring Azerbaijani nationalistic patterns.


  • Discounts and gift cards
  • Free delivery over 50 AZN
  • Live chat for any help

There is also ehome furniture service that you can online preorder any kind of furniture. 


22.  BeeHappy

OK, we get it, you don’t need it but your cousin 😉 . Whether it is for you or someone else, you can always buy intimacy products from BeeHappy, and become happier. Besides online shopping, this platform shares some invaluable medical information about sexual diseases and advice. 


  • Knowledge base articles
  • 100% privacy
  • Free delivery over 100 AZN
  • Change or return of the products
  • Cash on delivery and online payment


Medicines & Doctors

You don’t have to go out of your house and go to the doctors or pharmacists to get help and buy medicines. Many startups have made it easier to buy drugs, consult with doctors, or just find nearby pharmacies virtually.  


 23.  Tabletka.az

This app helps you search for medicines by sorting their prices and availability in the drug stores. Also, Tabletka.az shows you nearby pharmacies using your current location. 


  • Searching medicines and nearby pharmacies using your current location
  • Home delivery
  • Medicine descriptions in Azerbaijani, English, and Russian 
  • Drug intake reminders
  • Available on Play Store

Similar: DərmanTap, Aptekstore, Məlhəm, Aptekonline


24.  Medx

It is the first online medical platform in Azerbaijan. Here, you can find many doctors and clinics at nearby locations, and ask for online consultation. 


  • Searching for clinics and doctors
  • Free online consultation with doctors
  • Forum for online Q&A 
  • Available on Play Store


 25.  E-tibb

You can find the latest news about healthcare, pharmacies, clinics, and doctors. Plus, e-tibb shares available promos and discounts in the clinics. You can also sign up for blood donation. 


  • Searching doctors by field and illness
  • Online consultation with the doctors
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood donation
  • Availability of discounts


Online Payment, Legal, and Banking

The following fintech startups in Azerbaijan allow you to easily pay your bills, credits and pretty much everything else online.


26.  ExpressPay

Created in 2013, ExpressPay offers you online and land based payments via terminals. What is special about ExpressPay is that it offers you the fastest money transfers. 


  • 24/7 domestic money transfers
  • More than 300 payment services
  • Available on Play Store and App Store
  • Available for support and feedback 


27.  Hesab.az

Available on the App Store and Play Store, you can make almost all the payments online.


  • Mobile, communal, state, and more payments
  • Available shopping discounts
  • Available on Play Store and App Store


28.  E-pul.az

This online service provides you with instant payments, that you can check the history later on. 


  • Gaining bonuses
  • Available on Play Store and App Store
  • Offers virtual card for safe payments

Alternatives: ASANpay, MilliÖn App 


29.  Huquqi.az

Huquqi.az brings electronic legal services to your screens.


  • Court application
  • Consultation with lawyers: human resources and creating agreements
  • Business services: Incorporate and documents
  • Lawyer registration

You can alternatively use Huquq.online for online legal services.


30.  Banco

You don’t always have to go out, wait in a queue, waste your precious time getting loans and insurance services because Banco brings it to your screens. 


  • Bank catalog
  • Online insurance and loans
  • Banking courses
  • Installments loans
  • Currency Updates
  • News, and more!


Carrier, Delivery and Pickup Services

In the last few years, carrier and pickup services in Azerbaijan have increased in numbers. While staying at home, you can contact those services to get your work done. Let’s look at the services. 


31.  Runner

This company has several offers for both legal entities and individuals. You can also sign up to become a courier.


  • Tracking your parcel
  • SMS and e-mail notifications for delivery
  • Delivery within 40 minutes
  • Available on the App Store and Play Store


32.  *7575 – VipServis.az

This courier service offers two kinds of delivery: a VIP courier and VIP driver consist of a diversity of services: from food and shopping delivery to utility services.


  • Urban and suburban delivery
  • Grocery store, pharmacy,
  • Letter, official documents
  • Flower, gift shops and perfumery
  • Delivery time: 25-40 minutes

Alternatively, you can choose 11 Delivery and Velokuryer. Additionally, Velokuryer offers bicycle training to become a courier in their company. 


Fitness, Cooking

Don’t let gaining a few extra pounds freak you out. We have made a list containing several apps and websites that you can look up for home exercises and national meal recipes.


33.  Ləzzət -Milli yemək reseptləri

This app offers you recipes in Turkish and our national kitchen, low-calorie meals, cookies, etc. You can pick nutritious dietetic meals and stay healthy. At the end of the quarantine regime, you will have a balanced diet and cooking skills, who knows? 😉

Recipes of:

  • National and Turkish kitchen
  • Children
  • Dietic meals
  • Fermented foods and jams
  • Available on Play Store


34.  FIT 2 BEST

Exercise helps you boost your immune system, energy, mood, and makes you stay focused. This application offers online video training and nutrition advice. Don’t forget that there is always time for exercise; now you’re in quarantine and home isolated, you need no more excuses 🙂 

App Features:

  • Monitoring steps, water intake, and progress
  • Nutrition, video training – yoga, exercise
  • Finding nearby gym and online subscription
  • Available on the App Store and Play Store


Home Services

No matter if we are stuck at home or not, we may always need a help service. These services may include housekeeping, barber, pet caring, household services like repair, transportation, so on and so forth! Here is the list of top platforms that connect you with providers of different services. 


35.  Blink 

Blink has a diversity of services – courier and delivery service, repairment, self-care and beauty services, and a lot more – you name it. Plus, if you have skills that allow you to work remotely, you can sign up as a service provider and start making some extra cash during quarantine days.


  • Find and/or provide job vacancies
  • Services 
  • Will be available soon on the App Store and Play Store


36.  Çağır Gəlsin

This service even offers a service called “cup of tea talker” whenever you feel bored, or just want to talk about something that you don’t tell significant others – you can call for a tea buddy. Besides this unique service, Çağır Gəlsin offers massage, nanny, pet caring services as well. Plus, you can also register to work remotely or a daily commute. 

  • Only online contact
  • Variety of home and personal care services
  • Pet caring – awesome, isn’t it?


 37.  Mylaundry.az

We know that in the lockdown period you will be busy with improving yourself – taking online courses, home exercising, etc. If not, you will be dealing with frustrating and anxious quarantine days. We suggest that, don’t let any housework make you exhausted in this self-improvement period. Mylaundry.az offers any kind of laundry services to help and save your time. 


  • Pick up and deliver laundry
  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Tailor and ironing 
  • Cloth dyeing
  • Call for service


Social Innovation Lab advises…

If you consider that you are in a difficult period, then yes, you are – we all are. It looks like a nightmare that will end once we wake up. But, what worsens the quarantine days is our psychology. Of course, these times will pass and be forgotten, hopefully. What this period leaves behind will be what we did in those days, weeks, months, maybe years, we don’t know. For sure, it is apparent that we need to take care and improve ourselves, and try to do everything as we used to do, virtually. 

With the effort of days, we have prepared the top 37+27 startups and platforms to watch in 2020 – the platforms that help you cope with home isolation without lagging behind your daily activities. They deserve a big bravo from every single person in the country. One way to applaud their hard work and support them is to let others know about these platforms by sharing this blog with your loved ones.

What is your favorite app and/or website that you use the most? What are your thoughts about our list? If you think we missed a great app, let us know by commenting below.


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